About Booked

Learning to read opens the door to a whole new world for children. Continuing to read keeps the door open. At Booked, I have something for every youthful reader. I created Booked for young children through young adults to learn about different places, cultures, religions, sexual/gender identities, and races. To get lost in a book and not want to turn off the night light at night. To have kids excited about picking out a new book because it’s an adventure to read and to learn something new. I’m promoting literacy, kindness, and fun in Booked and will match young readers with books that will instill a love for reading. My bookshop combines my affection for books and my experience as a parent and elementary educator.

— Chelsea Elward

photograph of Chelsea Elward walking through child-sized front door

Chelsea graduated with her elementary education degree and immediately focused on the two most challenging subjects to teach, reading and writing. When parents would ask her how to get their child to read, her advice always was:

Take your child on a surprise trip to a bookstore they've never visited. When you walk in, get to their eye level and let them know they get to pick out any book they want. Head over to a bookseller and let your child have a conversation with them. Try to let your child share their interests, especially what they like or don't like about books, and then let the bookseller work their magic.

Chelsea is a long-time resident of Evanston, Illinois. The diverse community is situated just north of Chicago along Lake Michigan, and offers great public schools, fantastic outdoor spaces, and an incredible selection of restaurants and shops. The only thing missing was a children's bookstore, so Booked was born. Chelsea wants EVERY child, young or old, to enjoy reading as much as she does. Come visit her shop and discover your next literary adventure!